PW Asks: Shakespeare, King, and Austen Are Your Desert Island Authors - Publishers Weekly

the textbooks you will most likely be bringing are:

The Collected works regarding William Shakespeare

The Total Novels involving Jane Austen

And every one involving the books regarding Stephen King

King's functions will by way use up the most shelf space, therefore make certain you fashion your hut associated with strong bamboo, add a new couple of built in bookshelves, , nor shop the bananas anywhere near the publications or perhaps you'll find the copy regarding Cujo up a new tree somewhere, your thieving island monkeys scared from his or her wits.

Close runners-up include The Particular Bible, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, as well as Joyce Carol Oates.

Is it any kind of surprise in which fantastic storytellers won out? Just what far better approach to handle being trapped in an island compared to escape?


Life about the desert island defintely won't be consequently boring following all. We asked a person this week which three authors are the desert island picks, whose collected works would help you pass your endless days until rescue.

You have got spoken! There were plenty of responses, nevertheless three authors got more votes when compared with any kind of other

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